Why Small Businesses Need a Logo | MY BUSINESS DNA

Here’s Why Small Businesses Need a Logo

Why Small Businesses Need a Logo | MY BUSINESS DNA

Here's Why Small Businesses Need a Logo

Do you have a logo that you can be proud of? Unfortunately, many small business owners either do not have a logo or have a poor logo that gives a negative or ambiguous brand promise.

If you are a small business owner who falls in the above category, you might have the false conception that having a logo is not as important as everyone believes it to be. You might assume that branding matters, but a logo… not so much.

Are you wondering, how does a logo bring value to my business? We will outline all the reasons why small businesses need a distinctive logo.

A Logo Is an Essential Part of Your Branding Strategy

What is a logo in branding and why small businesses need a logo? Many small business owners end up working on all sorts of branding and marketing strategies, before thinking about a logo. But a logo is an essential part of your business brand and should be the first thing to think about before any other part of your brand identity.

Think of your logo as the foundation on which the rest of your brand identity would sit. If you can build a strong logo by thinking about its usage, its message, and its aesthetics, you will have all the information you need to move forward with your brand identity.

The problem that many small business owners face when building a logo is that they don’t spend the necessary time mapping, visualising, and analysing what their logo should be about. Either they put so little effort into creating their logo or put together a logo that doesn’t represent their brand. Often, some business owners ignore their logo completely and use their company name as a standalone instead.

It’s the First Impression That You Make on Your Customers

A logo is probably the FIRST thing your customers and potential leads will see. Humans are visual creatures, and we focus on visual cues first before anything else. No wonder images and videos are becoming the go-to item for marketers across the world.

A strong logo can help you keep your current customers engaged and excited about your brand. It can also be the thing that pulls together all aspects of your brand into one image, as your logo will be present on your website, your business cards, brochures, store signs, and more.

Think of it in this manner: if you are going to an interview with a potential VIP client, wouldn’t you dress up in your best suit with everything looking spick and span? The same thing applies to your logo as well. It’s important to build a logo that sets your best face forward.

If you don’t think you can do this on your own, hire a marketing company to help you with logo design. Whether you are in the trades, education, fitness or e-commerce industry, it’s worth investing in a business logo.

Remember, once you have a distinct logo, you have it for life. It would only require minor tweaking afterwards as the market changes.

Use a Strong Logo to Stand Out from Your Competitors

No matter if it’s a trades business, personal trainers, retail store or e-commerce, your customers’ eyes are going to be drawn to your logo first. Then, the rest of your branding/products/services after. If you have a strong logo that appeals to your customers, they will be more likely to pinpoint your store among a sea of many.

This applies not only to an overcrowded shopping center where hundreds of brands compete for attention but also on a crowded sidewalk. When your customer or a potential lead walks around searching for a store to step into, they are going to be drawn into your store by your logo first.

Just like the McDonald’s Arches or the Nike Swoosh are visible and identifiable from a mile away, you want your logo to have the same kind of recognition.

Of course, you don’t want to fall under the impression that a logo is the end-all or be-all. You still need an outstanding product or service offering that provides your customer with what they want, better than your competitors. It won’t matter how strong your logo is if your product offering fails in comparison.

This is especially true for startups. A logo can help you stand out from the rest and this is why a startup needs a logo. Remember, you are in the process of establishing yourself in your customer’s minds. A logo can help ease that process significantly.

Draw New Customers in by Using Your Enticing Logo

The customer of the 21st century is savvier and more aware compared to 30 years ago. They know what they want and they want it now. Small businesses need a logo to catch more attention.

That’s why it’s becoming harder in some ways to attract them to buy your product and easier in other ways. If you have a logo that’s strong enough to garner a potential lead’s attention, you are halfway through the door. After that, you just need to have solid brand messaging that will help generate more sales for your business.

A logo should be distinct enough that it should draw your potential customer in and make an impression on their mind so they don’t forget your logo and brand. Whenever they think of your business or product, your logo will be the first thing that shows up in their mind.

Show (Don’t Tell) Using Your Logo Who You Are

Not only are today’s customers savvier, but they are also attention-deficient. There are just too many things hankering for their attention, that they get distracted quite easily.

In such an attention-poor and information-heavy world, you only have a few microseconds to grab your customer’s attention. You can’t do that with (average-looking) words alone. Images, particularly your logo, is the way you are going to get into your customers’ head.

This way, you can show your customer what you are all about in a matter of seconds.

For example, if you are a green juice company, you could have a green smoothie in your logo, letting your customer know what you are all about. Or if you are a plumbing company, you could have a wrench, water or a bathroom sink pipe in your logo to convey what your business is all about.

These are some simplified ideas, but you get the gist of it. It’s all about streamlining your brand message for your customer, who has a hundred other companies competing for their attention. You can use your logo to stand out among the crowd and also make it simple for your customer to understand your business.

Hit Them Where It Counts - In Their Heart

The market is becoming more and more affluent as time goes by, so no customer truly needs any new product offering. The market is filled with similar products and services. So, what makes your business stand out?

That’s why you need to get at your customer’s minds to impress them. It’s the only way they are going to see the value in your business, especially since they probably have seen other similar products.

One way for you to get through to them is by having a logo that appeals to their interest. It needs to cut through all the nonsense and get right to the point.

For example, a foundation that helps street dogs in Bali isn’t going to beat around the bush with their logo – it’s going to appeal to people’s heartstrings by showing a happy dog that could only live that way through your help.

Don’t beat around the bush – you don’t have time for that. Get straight to the point by building a logo that shows everyone what your business is all about.

Build a Solid Foundation Using a Strong Logo for Your Small Business

Just like a solid foundation is necessary for a home to stand tall for a long time, the same principle applies to your business’ brand identity. And a solid foundation for a business doesn’t start with bricks or mortar, but with a strong logo.

Demonstrate your professionalism and key message to the world by creating a distinctive logo for your business. If you need help with logo design and branding in Sydney, contact MY BUSINESS DNA today. No matter if you are a small business in the trades, education or e-commerce, we are here to help with your logo and business branding. Small businesses need a logo more than ever!




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