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generate leads on demand with paid advertising

Paid advertising provides leads instantly and is the best way to scale and grow your business.


Our digital marketing agency helps our clients use paid advertising to grow their client base

Increased Awareness

Bold and dynamic advertising are the key factors to increase awareness, sales and retain customers.

More Traffic

Our effective strategy will help you drive qualified traffic to your site.

More Sales

Our advertisement targets the right audience on the right platform, giving you more qualified leads and sales.



Service and Product Based Businesses

We are confident that our strategies work perfectly for Construction, Fashion, Beauty & Skincare, Real Estate Developers, Jewellery Stores, Accounting Firms & Law Firms.


Coaches, Mentors and Consultants

From branding, logo design, website development to SEO, we have helped many coaches and consultants start and grow their businesses.

Medical, Fitness and Health Centres

The fitness industry needs a constant flow of new clients and our strategies deliver the results they need.

E-Commerce Businesses​

We have helped many eCommerce businesses grow sustainably with our creative content and strategy.

Dear Business Owner

We know you have probably been approached by many digital agencies who promise the world. You may have probably hired a few and been disappointed after hiring one or two.

We believe we are different as we believe that getting results is our #1 priority for our clients. We will not take on a client if we don’t believe we can get a result.

We don’t measure our results based on likes, comments and shares. You can’t build your business on those statistics. We measure our results based on leads and sales.

You can rest assured that if you invest in a Facebook Ads, Google Ads or SEO campaign with us, we will be working towards building your business and not just building vanity metrics.

If you want to see how online paid advertising can grow your business then book in a strategy call with one of our digital marketing experts today.

In this strategy session, we will give you 3 changes you can make to your online marketing today to generate more leads.

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Yours Sincerely,

Wagdi Andrawis & Gabriela Limantoro

What our clients are saying


Paying for ads on Google and Facebook is the quickest way to get leads today. Yes, you can post for free on both platforms but the free advertising takes time to get traction.

When you pay for ads on Google and Facebook then you will get traffic, leads and sales within days. If you use the free social platforms you will get leads later, but if you pay for ads you will get leads now.

Google Ads cost more than Facebook ads per click but the quality fo the leads are higher because they are intent based. This means that people go searching for your service and when they click they are intending to make a purchase.

Facebook Ads are much cheaper that Google ads, but the quality of the leads generated are typically lower, but the quantity is higher.

Both types of ads have a part to play in your marketing strategy. Currently Facebook Ads are highly effective for most businesses.

SEO is the processes of optimising your website so that it is found in the top 3 results of a Google search. The top 3 results get the lion share of the clicks. If you want to get free traffic to your website then you need to optimise your website for Google.

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