archie Preece Group: Tradie marketing

Archie Preece Group offers building, construction, repair and maintenance services with 15 years of experience in the building industry. 

Project overview

We were approached by Archie Preece to develop a tradie logo, responsive website, Customer Relationship Management system and customised company clothing.

Tradie Branding & Logo Design

Archie Preece Group wanted a logo that is modern and easy to use. We use a house as an inspiration and incorporate it to the letter “A”. To ensure the logo work well, we matched the letter “A” design with the letter “P”.

For the colour palette, we decided to pick electric blue to compliment the black. We use electric blue to accentuate important details on every online and offline platform.

Tradie marketing - CRM System

Tradie Marketing Made Simple

We provide a customised tradie logo, website design, graphic design and social media marketing. We’ve worked with many businesses such as Tradecon, Hometek Renovations, R&R Flooring Specialists and more. Ready to boost your tradie marketing?

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