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7 Reasons Websites Are Important For Small Businesses

MY BUSINESS DNA | 7 Reasons Websites Are Important For Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner wondering if your business needs your own website? You are here because you are looking for an answer, so do your potential customers. Your business website is the first place your target audience will gather information from. They want to understand and get to know your business. By having an optimised website, you’re allowing your business to showcase how you are different from your competitors.

Whether you are a start-up, local business, medium or large-sized business, investing in a website is an effective digital marketing strategy. If you’re still not sure how having a website can grow your business, here are the top 7 reasons why website is important for small businesses.

1. Build a connection through your website

Think of your brand as your business’ personality. Having a website helps to connect your new customers with your business. If you’re active on social media, having a website linked to your account will help your business provide more information. 84% of today’s consumers think you’re more credible by having a professional website.

A website increases your credibility because you’re proving that you are an active and bona fide business. A good website should contain valuable information about your business such as your story, business hours, contact details, testimonials and all the services/products your business offers.

2. Attract new customers from your website

If you want to expand your clientele, investing in a website will help you attract more customers. By listing yourself on Google, you are increasing your online presence.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a practice that helps your website to perform and rank better. One of the practices is utilising highly-searched keywords on your own website.

Having an optimised website will increase your chance to be found online on the search engine by your target audience who are not aware of your business yet, but already interested in your particular area of business.

3. Help to build your email marketing list

Utilising a form for your audience to sign up to, will help you build your client list. Email marketing is a direct and effective marketing platform to generate and increase sales. A marketing statistic shows that 59% of customers say that marketing emails influence their purchase decisions.

To make sure your audience sign-up to your email list, create an un-resistible offer (known as a lead magnet) in exchange for their contact information (such as name, email address and phone number).

By having an automated email sequence, you’re keeping your audience up to date automatically.

4. A website is always available on Google Search

Maybe you don’t have enough budget to hire a customer service team, guess what? Having a professional website will save you money and time so you can focus more on your own business. If a user wants to know something about your business, they can comfortably go to Google Search Engine and find more details about your business.

Adding Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) will provide answers in no time. In addition, having an online form can be an easy way for them to reach you if they have further questions.

5. Showcase your business and boost sales

Your website acts as your online portfolio. Impress your potential customers by displaying high-quality photography or mock-ups on your website. Let your target audience know what solutions your business is offering and why you are different from your competitors. 

If you have a physical shop and just started to bring your business online, this is a great opportunity to introduce your products/services to your current and new customers. They can easily find what other customers are thinking on your review site and make a purchase without constant calls/emails.

6. Improve customer service

Having a website doesn’t necessarily mean you want to get more customers, but to provide the best experience to your customers. Maybe they want to see your special menus, or maybe they are unavailable to make a phone call and want to see your opening hours from their mobile devices.

By easing your customers to interact with your business, you’re allowing them to access your business effortlessly. Having a website is giving more functionality to your own business.

7. A website is easy to maintain and accessible

You don’t have to be a tech-savvy to create have a professional website. By having at least some functionality such as a mobile-friendly website, basic SEO set-up and great UI/UX design, you already have a great website template.

WordPress is a free website platform you might want to look into. With the right website design, relevant content and some tweaks, you can have a professional website for your business.

If there are updates or changes in your business, you can easily do it by yourself or hire a web designer. Almost every website builder offers easy drag and drop tools. However, you need to be mindful of your website site speed and design as they play major roles in your SEO.

Bottom line, in today’s day and age, it is crucial for small businesses to have a professional website. Without having a website, your potential customers won’t be able to access your business and you will miss out on potential revenues. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below!

Gabriela Limantoro

Gabriela Limantoro

Gabriela is the Founder and Creative Director at MY BUSINESS DNA. Her experience as a graphic designer and content strategist made her realises that she wanted to help entrepreneurs around the world turn their vision to life. Say hello and connect with her on LinkedIn.




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