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Marketing Tips For Tradie-Based Businesses

Modern technology has brought a whole range of incredible marketing tools to tradie-based businesses. When used correctly, these marketing tools can help you to transform your business, generating more leads and business opportunities. At MY BUSINESS DNA, we specialise in helping tradie-based businesses to take full advantage of these marketing tools. In this blog, we will be sharing a few marketing tips that can help any tradie business generate more clients.

Make Sure You Have A Great Website

Before making a decision to purchase any product or service, customers will always look for a website to find more information. Having a website for your tradie business is crucial as it provides a place to host information relevant to your business and promote your services. Over 60% of website visitors come from mobile devices, so it is also important to make sure your website looks great on all device types, including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles. Do you need a new website for your tradie business? We can help develop the perfect website for you! Find out more about our website design and development services here.

Utilise The Power of Social Media

Social media is one of the best platforms available to market tradie-based businesses. You can use popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to interact directly with your customer base and target audience. Social media is also a great place to show off reviews from your customers to help boost how your business appears to potential customers. With social media you can introduct your business to thousands of people in a cost-effective way. We offer social media management services that include everything you need to make social media work for your business. Click here to find out more on our website.

Help Customers Find You In Search

One of the most common ways customers look for tradie businesses is to search for them on Google. This is why it is so important to make sure your website is one of the first things potential customers see when they start searching. Over 80% of business goes to the top 3 websites of any search, so you want to make sure your website is appearing as high as possible. With SEO & Google Ads, you can boost your website’s ranking positions so that you appear on top of all of your competitors. MY BUSINESS DNA provides both SEO services and Google Ads services to help your tradie-based business dominate search results.

Get Marketing With MY BUSINESS DNA

Take your marketing to the next level with MY BUSINESS DNA, Sydney’s experts in digital marketing for tradie-based businesses. Whether your business needs Google Ads, a new website, social media marketing or even SEO, our experts are here to help. Click here to get in touch with our team today through our website. We can’t wait to get started on improving the marketing success of your tradie-based business.

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