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Essentials for Tradie Business Websites

Websites have become the ultimate tool for tradie businesses across Australia looking to connect to more customers. At MY BUSINESS DNA, we help to build high-performing websites for tradie and construction businesses in Sydney. Are you looking to create a website for your tradies or construction business? In this blog we will be sharing a few of the essentials for tradie business websites. Let’s get started!


Fully Responsive Design

As a tradie business, you will no doubt be aware that your customers may want to contact you or browse your website with a whole range of different devices. Although mobile is quickly becoming the dominant web browsing device, your customers will likely view your site on desktops, laptops and tablets as well. This means it is crucial that your site is designed to work for all device types. At MY BUSINESS DNA, we build fully responsive website designed to look great on any device.


Great Content

Not only does your website need to look great, but it is also essential for the website to read great as well. This means the site needs to have great content that captures your business, your services and the value they provide to your customers. The MY BUSINESS DNA team can write the perfect copy/content for your website to ‘wow’ your customers and help you to generate more leads.


Easy Contact Features

A tradie business’ website is the primary tool customers use for contact. This makes it essential to integrate easy-to-use contact features throughout your website, providing extensive opportunities for website visitors to get in contact with your business. Click here to see some examples of websites the team at MY BUSINESS DNA have designed and developed for our customers. You will see just how effective intuitively placed contact features can be for tradie business websites.


Fast Load Times

The average time spent on a website is less than 7 seconds. If your website doesn’t load fast, you will be missing out on turning potential customers into leads for your tradie business. It is essential for your tradie business website to load as fast as possible to give your website the best chance at bringing more customers for your business. Keeping your website can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. MY BUSINESS DNA builds websites that are designed to look great and load fast, giving your business a great first impression for new customers.


Build a Website With MY BUSINESS DNA

Are you looking for a website that features everything you need for your tradie business? Get in touch with the experienced web developers at MY BUSINESS DNA. We are here to help you bring your dream website to life. You can find out more about our web development and design services on our website. 


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